Winners at Junction 2018 Explaining MCU glitching at Makers Murcia Showing 3D printing at Semana de la Ciencia More Semana de la Ciencia Hacking at Junction 2018 Speaking for Puertas Violetas app Giving an ESP32 hacking talk at BITUP 2019 Learning to solder Installing Coreboot open firmware into a Thinkpad x230 Posing at Junction 2019 Soldering Nitrocaster's adapter board to a Thinkpad x230 Having fun in Atresmedia Hacking at Junction 2019 3D printer, 3D printing First FOSC LAN Party Soldering workshop Giving an open firmware talk at Navaja Negra 2019 Showing some stuff during Cable Amarillo
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FOSC (Free Open Source Club) was a hackerspace located at Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena
A student association focused on expanding free software and hacker culture
The space is no longer active but ideas don't need spaces
Our spirit lives on during hackathons, conventions and more
Expect us